The recruitment portal set up by the public college system is mindful of its obligation to respect and preserve your privacy, and commits to guarantee that the information you enter into your applicant file will remain confidential. This privacy policy applies to personal information you provide to us online and the practices we have adopted for the public college system’s recruitment portal. By adding your application to our applicant database, you agree to accept the policy and practices described in this document.

Note that this policy only applies to this portal. We suggest that you view the privacy policy of every site you visit, especially the ones on which you share personal information.

This portal is intended for adult users. We do not intentionally gather personal data on minors, and we have no data collection policy in place regarding minors.

This portal was developed specifically to facilitate the integration of women, visible minorities, ethnic minorities, Natives and disabled persons into the workforce. In order to meet our objectives, we suggest that Internet users wishing to add their applications to our database specify if they are part of this target clientele. This information is only used for participating CÉGEPs wishing to achieve balanced representation of visible or cultural minorities on their staff. Note, however, that the information and services offered through this portal are available to all Quebecers.


Since the public college system runs a bilingual recruitment portal, the content and services are offered in the two official languages recognized in Canada. Notwithstanding our efforts to offer resources in both official languages, some external sites have only been set up in one language. We have included them as suggestions due to their quality and the relevance of the information they provide.


The recruitment portal of the public college system only collects personal information when the Internet user decides to voluntarily enter this information in his/her file in the applicant database. He/she is then required to provide certain personal information in order to identify him/her, to specify the means of communicating with him/her and to determine his/her educational background, work experience and job-related skills and abilities, as well as to establish if he/she is part of a visible or cultural minority in Quebec (since one of the objectives of this online portal is increased access to CÉGEP job openings for members of visible and cultural minorities).

For additional security, we advise you to keep a copy of your applicant file or make a list of the data you have entered. If you have any questions or concerns about the transmission and retention of personal data, please contact those responsible for the public college system’s recruitment portal in the Contact us section.


Access to personal information contained in the applicant database files is strictly limited to Fédération des cégeps du Québec personnel and Human Resources staff at each CÉGEP that is part of the public college system’s recruitment portal.

As part of their duties and responsibilities, and pursuant to provincial and federal legislation currently in force, the Human Resources staff in these CÉGEPs has been made aware of the issue of privacy and the use of personal information. These organizations have adopted, and are following, strict rules regarding access to applicant files, the use or disclosure of personal information, making unauthorized changes to information and the illegal destruction or accidental loss of personal information.

The portal does not allow Internet users access to the files of applicants registered in the database. Internet users and applicants cannot communicate with each other or share information on the portal.


Personal information contained in the files of applicants registered in the Job Bank is used to evaluate their applications for jobs available in CÉGEPs that are part of the public college system’s recruitment portal, as well as for appraisal of visits – specifically, frequency and duration – to the portal’s various sections and services, and improvement of privacy protocols. The personal information is not used for any purpose other than ongoing improvement of our resources and services, so that your future experiences on this portal are increasingly enjoyable and efficient.

Should the Fédération des cégeps wish to use the personal information contained in the files of applicants registered in the database for any purpose other than those referred to above, it will contact the applicants directly to advise them of its intentions and obtain their consent.

No personal information contained in the applicant files or related to your use of the portal’s content or services will be sent to any organizations other than partners of the public college system’s recruitment portal. We may, however, use non-identifying information about visits to the portal and the use of content and services in communications with our partners, clients and other third parties, as a means of presenting them with data about the portal and aggregate visits.


The recruitment portal of the public college system installs a permanent, encoded cookie on your computer’s hard disk. This cookie, which does not allow the gathering of personal information, is used solely to customize and facilitate your visit to the portal.

The cookie does not allow any programs to be run or computer viruses to be passed on. It is completely secure. You may, if you wish, delete the cookie at the end of each visit. Keep in mind, however, that you will then need to provide all your identifying information again if you wish to access your file at the time of your next visit. Most Web browsers allow you to refuse cookies or be advised whenever a cookie can be installed. You can then decide whether or not you want to have the cookie installed.

You will not be able to add your file to the applicant database if you refuse to have the cookie installed. Since the main goal of the cookie is to save you time, refusal may slow down your visit to the portal. One final important point: Some work environments do not allow the authorization of cookie installation.

The portal suggests links to external sites, some of which can install permanent or temporary cookies. We advise you to carefully read the privacy policy on each of these sites.


The recruitment portal of the public college system can install Web beacons on certain pages in order to record some relatively limited information on the number of Internet users who visited those pages. Web beacons do not allow access to your personal information. They are part of a technique that enables compilation of statistics on the use and consultation of available services and content. Among other functions, they enable an offer of content that is in line with the visitor’s interests and needs.


The recruitment portal of the public college system is a secure site. In order to ensure the security of the information you enter, strict measures have been put in place to protect you against the loss, interception, unauthorized use or disclosure of information about you. Notwithstanding the various means we deploy to ensure the security of personal information in our system, we cannot guarantee that any third parties will never succeed in dishonestly accessing your personal information and making fraudulent use of it. Also, keep in mind that this information is not encrypted, unlike data collected on sites with online financial transaction capability.

Applicant files and statistical data are maintained in anonymity. When an applicant withdraws his/her file from the database, the information it contains is converted to anonymous (non-identifiable) data. They are only used for statistical purposes at this point. Personal information that can be used to identify individual Internet users and applicants is not retained.


The recruitment portal of the public college system suggests links to third-party sites. Information exchanged on other sites is no longer governed by our privacy policy. The public college system’s recruitment portal does not endorse the privacy policies of the sites it recommends. This also means that the portal cannot be held responsible for the content and practices of operators of these sites.

The recruitment portal of the public college system has no control over the information disclosure policies on these sites, how they are run or their methods of protecting the personal information you provide to them. We also cannot guarantee that the information they provide is accurate or current.

We recommend that you use caution and familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of these and any other sites you visit.


The recruitment portal of the public college system attaches particular importance to copyright compliance. The Fédération des cégeps therefore holds exclusive intellectual property rights to information in this portal. These rights are protected by the Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42), to the same extent as those attaching to a multimedia, literary, musical or artistic creation.

The Fédération des cégeps has, when necessary, secured direct authorization from authors and creators to publish their content. In other cases, information sources are clearly referenced.


The recruitment portal of the public college system encourages, without specific authorization, the use of content found on its site, in whole or in part, at no charge and with no other authorization, for private, educational, preventive and non-commercial purposes, provided that the source (recruitment portal of the public college system) or the sponsor’s name (Fédération des cégeps) is clearly indicated and text and images are not modified in any way, namely through addition, removal or conversion, or in any other manner.

Use or reproduction for commercial purposes, whatever the form, is not allowed unless authorized in advance by the Fédération des cégeps. To secure authorization, send an email to the Fédération des cégeps via the Contact us section.


The recruitment portal of the public college system guarantees the integrity of information at the specific time it appears on the site. We are not responsible for content that may have been changed or altered before or after it was downloaded, whatever the technology used.


The Fédération des cégeps is a voluntary group made up of the 48 public colleges in Quebec. It was created in 1969, to promote the development of college- and CÉGEP-level education.

Your comments and suggestions regarding this privacy policy and the recruitment portal of the public college system are appreciated. Please send them by email to the address provided in the Contact us section.

We invite you to consult our privacy policy on a regular basis, since it may be changed without notice. We hope you enjoy your visit to the recruitment portal of the public college system.